User experience design (UX)

User experienceDo you want people to love using your website? Is it important that your visitors find your site easy to use, accessible, efficient, valuable and engaging? Well, it is to us too, that’s why we put so much effort into user experience and creating websites that are a joy to use.

What is user experience design?

User experience simply comes down to how a person feels about using your website. It’s not necessarily about how it looks or the content you have included, it’s about giving the user a positive experience.

We are user experience experts

It’s no surprise that the sites that have longevity, normally rank highly with user experience. Here at Mosaic Digital we work hard to ensure your website not only delivers your aims, but also leaves your visitors with a really positive experience of your business or organisation. Want to find out more? Use our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you, call us on 01273 811090 or email

Our online sales were doing OK, but we wanted to see how we could improve things. The team at Mosaic Digital suggested doing some UX work to ensure our checkout process wasn’t putting people off. A few small tweaks later and we’ve seen a definite increase in sales via the webshop without having to completely overhaul our current website.

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