Testing and insights

What do you want your website to do? Why is it there? Your website has a distinct role in your organisation, and if it’s not doing what it is mean to do it’s not performing for you. Some websites are simply tools to drive sales, some are there to raise awareness, educate and inform, while others are built with sharing and social media in mind. Whatever its role, you want visitors to engage with your site and respond to your call to actions.

Why use A/B and multivariate testing?

A/B and multivariate testing is all about making sure your website performs to the best of its ability. It’s about taking different versions of your landing pages and testing them to see what version of that page gets the best conversion rates. We use the latest technology including heat mapping and more traditional analytics, along with our years of experience and excellent design credentials.

What next?

We are big believers in getting page content and structure right and work hard to give you insights into how your pages are performing. So if you want a web company who will ensure your communications do exactly want they are supposed to, then get in touch. Use our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you, call us on 01273 811090 or email info@emosaic.co.uk

We work closely with Mosaic Digital to ensure our website is working hard for us. We view the website as we do our staff – if one of our staff is underperforming, we need to find out why and do what we can through training and support to change the situation. We’ve found their approach to testing highly effective and now undergo regular testing on our key landing pages to ensure our users do what we want them too.

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