Email marketing

It doesn’t matter what job you do, what sector you work in, or what size your business is, we all use email to communicate. Email marketing and eNewsletters are a cost efficient way of keeping your company or organisation at the front of people’s minds, but as anyone who has pressed ‘unsubscribe’ from an email list knows, there is a fine balance in creating an email you want to open and one you want to put in the delete folder.


Campaign strategy

A good email campaign starts with a good idea: our creative team are experts in creating creative email campaigns that resonate with the end user. With a strong focus on conversions, we create the ideas that not only engage with subscribers, but look beautiful at the same time.

An email is only as good as the inbox it reaches: a beautiful campaign is great - if it's read. Through constant testing, analysis and iteration we create strategies that give your emails the best chance of being opened and actioned. From the frequency of email sends down to the tone of voice inside the email we are constantly producing high open, click, engagement and ultimately conversions for our clients.


Responsive design and build

Responsive design and build

Mobile responsive design is no longer optional: 80% of people will instantly delete an email that isn't optimised for mobile.

For Mosaic, mobile responsive email design and build is more than resizing images and content to fit different device widths. We don't only look at what screen size someone is viewing email on but also plan around other obstacles a user will face: location, internet connection, attention, sunlight, strength of phone signal, and environment to name a few.


As an agency we pride ourselves on being email service provider agnostic. This means we provide a completely unbiased view of different services.

We have experience working with a large number of difference suppliers across the globe.

We also integrate with Litmus to test all of our emails, ensuring every single email we produce looks beautiful and renders perfectly across all different devices, browsers and operating systems.

A/B testing


We utilise tools within email service providers to constantly A/B test and iterate our emails. During this we:

  • Define the objective and optimisation metric
  • Create a test hypotheses
  • Develop tests and test cells
  • Execute and report on the results
  • Review what happened and why it happened.

A/B testing is more than testing whether a yellow button draws more clicks than a black button. It's about testing what affects the overall user experience and, ultimately, what drives people to interact with your brand.

Reporting and analysis

An email campaign isn't over once the email has been sent.

We constantly look at reporting and analyse what we find to ensure we are constantly moving forward with our emails. We produce send-by-send reports to track the success of campaigns at both an individual level and overall campaign level.

We analyse different statistics including click overlays, device reports, geo-location reports, opens by time period, and much more.

Our reporting combined with our A/B testing this ensures that all the email campaigns we produce are not only hitting their goals, but hitting the right goals.


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