Digital campaigns

Unless you are the BBC news channel it’s unlikely your users will be visiting your website every day waiting for your latest update. So what are you going to do to get your news, events and latest offers out to your audience?

Why run a digital marketing campaign?

A well-planned digital campaign can massively raise your profile and get your messaging direct into people’s businesses and homes. Digital marketing uses everything from websites, social media, email communications, to apps, printed literature, TV and even radio. Basically, it can utilise any medium, which makes campaigns extremely flexible, imaginative, innovative and effective.

How mosaic can help

Mosaic Digital has the benefit of being a full service agency. We have a range of expertise covering all forms or marketing and communications and can build you a digital campaign with clout. Want to find out more? Use our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you, call us on 01273 811090 or email

Our digital communications had been pretty disunited – the odd eNewsletter here, a few tweets there - but as charity we didn’t have the time or expertise to get on top of it, let alone devise a campaign. We have now worked with mosaic Digital on several campaigns. It’s allowed us to operate on the same platforms and with the same professionalism as the larger charities, which is massively important to a organisation of our size. We’ve raised our profile not only on a local level, but nationally too.

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